Portland feels like the kind of party you might have in up in snow country, where you make a couple invitations and put out the bruschetta as people start to trickle in and kick off their boots, and all of a sudden the house is packed with flannel and beards and the fireplace is crackling… Continue reading Stumptown

Happy Holidays!

Without the usual family activities to satisfy my Christmas urges — decorating the tree, singing carols, sneaking around with rolls of tape and ribbons — the focus naturally turned to food. But not being a large-hunk-o’-meat person, I wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to perfect my oven-roasting skills. So in honor of the Jewish… Continue reading Happy Holidays!

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Oahu, if you insist

Sometimes there’s no way around it — no matter how many “dog ate my homework” excuses you come up with you just have to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Hawaii. It might be a sudden convergence of inescapable factors, including $350 roundtrip tickets and a foreign friend with exemplary peer pressuring skills [“when ELSE am… Continue reading Oahu, if you insist