Play with your food!

I’ve never stopped being a kid, so “indulging your inner child” or other gratuitous excuses for adults doing fun things seem totally silly to me. Admittedly I haven’t had a mashed potato-throwing fight in a long time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do cartwheels down the sidewalk, make a beeline for the stacks of… Continue reading Play with your food!

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Teacup Succulents!

It’s been so beautifully sunny and warm in SF recently that all my summertime fantasies have surfaced in full force, including the usually irrational urge to run around in short shorts, making up reasons to window shop through the Mission, and the constant desire to surround myself with greenery [of the nature or in-house variety].… Continue reading Teacup Succulents!

Dancing in the Dark

For full effect, turn off the lights, bump the video up to 720p, and switch to full screen. Live stop-motion and believable antigravity — prepare to have your mind blown. I’m a sucker for good dancing of any genre, but here the combination of sick moves AND tech creates such an entirely novel, totally trippy… Continue reading Dancing in the Dark

you hooked me in with your sweet robot moves and cat shirt . . .

. . . none of that grinding stuff, just natural robotic talent. you said ‘‘hey, you’re cute.’’ and i said, ‘‘you, too’’ and then i elbowed you in the ribs because i’m not very smooth when it comes to romance. I am a secret Craigslist Missed Connections voyeur. I don’t look for myself, since I… Continue reading you hooked me in with your sweet robot moves and cat shirt . . .

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