Mini-city of Queen City Bakery

This post is not about the heavenly treats made by Queen City Bakery [cringe-worthy slabs of butter churned into cookies, cakes, bars, scones, muffins, and quiche, plus homemade marshmallows floating in creamy hot chocolate and seasonal granola blends]. It isn’t about the airy café and loft they’ve created in a three-story-high, brick-walled warehouse space a… Continue reading Mini-city of Queen City Bakery

Hello world!

[Thank you, WordPress, for the Comp Sci 101 title. I’ll keep it for old time’s sake.] The vast space of the world is populated by all manner of bizarre and wonderful things. I’m a collector and curator, a liaison and a publicist; a channel through ears and mouth and fingertips, bits burrowed into the brain… Continue reading Hello world!

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