Independence, OH

The only thing I know about Independence, OH — a town just south of Cleveland of which I have seen nothing but the exit ramp to the Hyatt at midnight — is that the single hot item in the hotel continental breakfast is biscuits and gravy. The gravy’s in an electric steel pot, which other… Continue reading Independence, OH


I found it! NB recommended this place on Hauptstraße from his year spent in Heidelberg. Ein kugel each of hazelnut and ricotta gelato — unusual flavors, and incredibly rich and delicious! You won’t find “ice cream” shops in Germany [or really anywhere in Europe, now that I think back on it], only Italian gelato with… Continue reading EIS PALAST

Vietnamese T-Rex!

I owe Dino’s an apology: I’ve been battling uncontrollable cravings for months now, promoting them to friends as no less than the best banh mi in SF, wishing they had a frequent buyer card because this would be the only place I could actually finish one . . . They deserved to have all of… Continue reading Vietnamese T-Rex!

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