Welcome to Hipsterville

Say hello to Brooklyn, New York, where Coney Island hot dogs sidle up to duck confit dumplings, beach volleyball comes with a backdrop of Wall Street, and Tattly temporary tattoos compete with real ink for bearded man forearm space. It’s not Manhattan, certainly not the ‘burbs, but so cool that all the fixie-riders haven’t managed… Continue reading Welcome to Hipsterville


Portland feels like the kind of party you might have in up in snow country, where you make a couple invitations and put out the bruschetta as people start to trickle in and kick off their boots, and all of a sudden the house is packed with flannel and beards and the fireplace is crackling… Continue reading Stumptown

Happy Holidays!

Without the usual family activities to satisfy my Christmas urges — decorating the tree, singing carols, sneaking around with rolls of tape and ribbons — the focus naturally turned to food. But not being a large-hunk-o’-meat person, I wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to perfect my oven-roasting skills. So in honor of the Jewish… Continue reading Happy Holidays!

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