Happy Holidays!

Without the usual family activities to satisfy my Christmas urges — decorating the tree, singing carols, sneaking around with rolls of tape and ribbons — the focus naturally turned to food. But not being a large-hunk-o’-meat person, I wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to perfect my oven-roasting skills. So in honor of the Jewish Chinese take-out tradition, Christmas dinner was Korean bibimbap — a crispy rice bowl with lots of fresh veggies and spicy pork, topped with a fried egg and homemade hot sauce. My desert island meal, no question.

Christmas Bibimbap

And as an alternative to the standard sugar cookie Santas, I whipped up a batch of Argentinian dulce de leche stuffed alfajores. There’s no such thing as too many colored sprinkles.

Christmas Alfajores

Hope everyone had a fantastic Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Boxing Day!

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  1. Inspired by your meal, I made bibimbap tonight for New Year’s Eve, using a cast iron skillet that I fired up on top of the stove. When the rice hit the hot oil, it had a satisfying sizzle. The crunchy bits were wonderful!

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