No Fried Butter Here: SF Street Food Festival

Ah, another year of delicious food come and gone and we’re back at San Francisco’s culinary mecca, where proud local chefs strut their stuff with portable deep fryers and super-sized tubs of spices, and success is measured in the length of the queue willing to wait for your showstopper. It’s the perfect venue to sample… Continue reading No Fried Butter Here: SF Street Food Festival

Play with your food!

I’ve never stopped being a kid, so “indulging your inner child” or other gratuitous excuses for adults doing fun things seem totally silly to me. Admittedly I haven’t had a mashed potato-throwing fight in a long time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do cartwheels down the sidewalk, make a beeline for the stacks of… Continue reading Play with your food!

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