you hooked me in with your sweet robot moves and cat shirt . . .

. . . none of that grinding stuff, just natural robotic talent. you said ‘‘hey, you’re cute.’’ and i said, ‘‘you, too’’ and then i elbowed you in the ribs because i’m not very smooth when it comes to romance.

I am a secret Craigslist Missed Connections voyeur. I don’t look for myself, since I would hope a guy I batted eyelashes at would have the balls to approach me on the spot, and that I’d be so bold as to do the same. Instead I see these posts as a teeny slice of humanity served up on a buffet table for me to peruse. It’s like eavesdropping on others’ conversations or imagining backstories for the people you pass on the street — making, not missing, connections, however fleeting.

Mostly the posts are disappointing, along the lines of, “boy in plaid smiled at girl with green shoes while crossing street in SOMA,” but very occasionally I open one that is super sweet or absurd or desperate enough to elicit a mean-spirited laugh . . .

Fell off your bike into my heart – m4w – 27 (downtown / civic / van ness)

Pork Buns? Out the Door – m4w (downtown / civic / van ness)
We chatted while waiting for our buns at Out the Door today. You were veggie. I was double pork. I thought you were cute.

Artist Sophie Blackall is a Missed Connections aficionado of a different breed: she draws/paints fantastically whimsical portraits based on New York MCs and posts them on her blog. I had forgotten about her work — having found it, oh, more than a year ago — but was brought back via this video about her latest commission for the NY subway, based loosely on the characters she eyes and sketches while riding.

I love love Sophie’s illustrations and it’s incredible to see how they’re done — layer by layer, with perfectly precise strokes. Might have to pick up a copy of her Missed Connections book just so I can tear them all out and pin them up on my walls and remind myself how silly and wonderful people are.

Illustrations care of Sophie

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