Lego Prothesis

If only I had the foresight to make Lego body parts instead of space ships as a kid, look where it could have gotten me! This is the amazing creation of Max Shepherd, an engineering undergrad and tinkerer.

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Dat sum ono food, eh?

Lunch on the back lanai in Honolulu, family-style — bowls passing, chopsticks darting this way and that to snag the choice pieces. I spy: jung [ti leaf-wrapped sticky rice, usually filled with fatty pork, boiled peanuts, and a preserved duck yolk], Portuguese bean soup, roast pork with crackly skin, pastele sausage from the incredible Kukui… Continue reading Dat sum ono food, eh?

Spliced Faces

Ulric Collette via Visual News Ulric Collette‘s “Genetic Portraits” series is incredible. Initially, Ulric was attempting to digitally age his son when he stumbled onto the idea of seamlessly splicing together portraits of family members. The results are striking: an image of twins, or even sisters close in age, renders as a photo of a… Continue reading Spliced Faces

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