Turkey Coma

Over Thanksgiving weekend the city was unusually calm and quiet — most people out of town to visit folks or holed up inside with the same, I suppose. I took advantage of the lull to seek out some local treats . . .

Ocean Beach on a snoozy Saturday morning:
Biked through Golden Gate Park and stopped to watch the remote-controlled boats racing on Spreckels Lake . . . the bison were nowhere to be seen and I wonder if they’re kept inside for the winter [seems silly with those furry coats] . . . the Dutch Windmill that peers out over the ocean from the western side of the park was spinning for the first time in years after extensive restoration [she and her sister used to be responsible for pumping a million and a half gallons of water every day to irrigate the park – so cool!] . . . a good crowd of surfers was bundled against the cold and catching an overhead swell . . . dogs galore, every one sprinting after a soggy tennis ball or getting into trouble stealing others’ sticks . . .

Hip hop class at Dance Mission Theater:
Any dreams about pursuing a career as a backup dancer were just shattered, along with my ego. I thought I could at least learn a couple of moves and string them together to a beat. Oh no, a mere thirty seconds of LeToya Luckett’s “Don’t Let Me Get Away” were immediately lost. And that was with an hour and a half of repetition. Lucky for me, Dance Mission offers drop-in classes for everything from salsa to African club dancing so I can continue to frustrate myself in multiple genres.

A stroll through the Mission:
The Arizmendi pizza of the day was toasted walnut, arugula, onion, gorgonzola, and balsamic vinegar. “One slice” for $2.50 is served as a slice plus a sliver and makes for a a tasty snack. Lean against the wall outside and watch the people go by while you eat — plenty of characters to be seen.

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