So what’s next? After a nail-biter of a month of interviews and waiting, I was finally offered an engineering/manufacturing/get-shit-done internship with CRAVE [NSFW], a luxury sex toy startup in the throes of launching their first product. It’s been just about a week now and without any long-term responsibilities I still feel adrift, but I’ve been assembling motors and setting up our online store and running quality control checks on thousands of branded boxes and . . .

Hey look, I can code! This URL is engraved on a charm that ships with every Duet vibrator. Ok, if you know anything about coding please be gentle when you tell me how bad it is. And I admit, the page was mocked up in Photoshop by our designer and I just had to figure out how to translate it into HTML and CSS. But I’ve never done this before, so it was hard! Took me a whole day! I feel so accomplished!

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