Independence, OH

The only thing I know about Independence, OH — a town just south of Cleveland of which I have seen nothing but the exit ramp to the Hyatt at midnight — is that the single hot item in the hotel continental breakfast is biscuits and gravy. The gravy’s in an electric steel pot, which other… Continue reading Independence, OH


I found it! NB recommended this place on Hauptstraße from his year spent in Heidelberg. Ein kugel each of hazelnut and ricotta gelato — unusual flavors, and incredibly rich and delicious! You won’t find “ice cream” shops in Germany [or really anywhere in Europe, now that I think back on it], only Italian gelato with… Continue reading EIS PALAST

Breakfast Party!

That’s right, toast and jam PARTAY tomorrow morning, IN MY CAR! Heading into Bavarian territory, first Nuremberg then Coburg. Yes, for work, but not til Monday!