“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds . . .”

– Theo Jansen, “an artist who wants to sculpt the air around us”

Absolutely stunning.

In my free time from improving the lives of people in developing countries through low-tech yet innovative devices [how’s that for an elevator pitch for the job I don’t have yet?], I want to make beautiful mechanical things like these [Don’t just stare at the photos — check out the linked videos!]:

Theo Jansen
– wind-powered animals –

[Many thanks to Pete Ashton for the original photo]

Reuben Margolin
– mechanical waves –

[Many thanks to pt for the photo]

A Bay-area resident! Might have to go knocking on his door one of these days . . .

I am floored by how fluid they are, the complexity and precision coaxed from simple levers and pulleys and joints, the creativity in crafting beautifully foreign objects that move in natural ways . . . So unexpected and wonderful!


    1. A friend showed me the second video (nice to have friends who say, “this made me think of you . . .”), and browsing around Youtube I stumbled onto the first.

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