They’re marketing themselves as the illegitimate child of a grab ‘n go sushi counter and a taqueria, but really the result is just a roll that ate too much cabbage. Not that it wasn’t tasty; just nothing earth-shattering.

I split a Latin Ninja [predominantly raw salmon, avocado, onion, and cilantro, and disappointingly bland] and a Crispy Ebi [shrimp tempura, fake crab, plantain, and much brighter and more flavorful]. Any hints of “fusion” were nonexistant; the rolls were standard flavors with a good padding of rice and colorful shredded veggies to beef them up to baby burrito size.

Verdict: Out $9, I’m stuffed and more or less satisfied. It’s not a spot to go back to — I can get more innovative Americanized sushi at my favorite Sushi Rika up on Nob Hill and more food for my dollar at a myriad of other places — but if you’re in the area for lunch and not feeling a sandwich this is a decent and fast alternative. Grab a table outside the Starbucks across the street and dig in.

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