MC: We sat a few feet apart but never made eye contact

w4m – San Francisco Dear patrons of the Church Street Cafe, It’s a Monday evening and you read/write/type diligently and unobtrusively with a vibe that’s part elder center, part beatnik writer convention, part poor student haven. I feel like a voyeur watching you not watching me. Patron #1: You’re forty-something, overweight with a too-thin ‘stache;… Continue reading MC: We sat a few feet apart but never made eye contact

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Quintessential SF

The Academy of Science, with Sutro Tower in the distance I’d been snooping around The Bold Italic a bit too much lately and decided that, having been in the city for over two and a half years now and purportedly a “local” myself, I needed to consider answers to their Found Locals questions. You know,… Continue reading Quintessential SF

Teacup Succulents!

It’s been so beautifully sunny and warm in SF recently that all my summertime fantasies have surfaced in full force, including the usually irrational urge to run around in short shorts, making up reasons to window shop through the Mission, and the constant desire to surround myself with greenery [of the nature or in-house variety].… Continue reading Teacup Succulents!