BBQ + Blues

This defines Memphis for me: a good Sunday suit, BBQ smoked slow and served up fast, and weariness baked into the bones by 100 degree heat. Memphis isn’t a pretty city. Aside from the Pyramid Arena with its blindingly mirrored exterior — which formerly housed the Grizzlies basketball team but is now standing empty, Bass… Continue reading BBQ + Blues

A View of Zagreb

View north towards Zagreb from the hotel, just as the sun is beginning to rise, with the peaks of Zagrebačka gora [Medvednica Mountain] in the distance. Sitting at a cafe on the fringes of Tržnica Dolac, a group of painters capture an afternoon at the bustling farmer’s market in the center of town. Finished in… Continue reading A View of Zagreb

Solar Goes to Yoga, Gets Flexible

Camping scenario 1, reality: July 4th spent on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay is full of hiking, swimming, getting sunburned . . . the usual. After streaming music from smart phones for a teach-me-how-to-shuffle dance party, we are left technologically high and dry the next day when drained batteries thwart our efforts to… Continue reading Solar Goes to Yoga, Gets Flexible