I found it! NB recommended this place on Hauptstraße from his year spent in Heidelberg. Ein kugel each of hazelnut and ricotta gelato — unusual flavors, and incredibly rich and delicious!

You won’t find “ice cream” shops in Germany [or really anywhere in Europe, now that I think back on it], only Italian gelato with exotic choices like blood orange, stracciatella [similar to vanilla chocolate chip], or even Vegemite [in Australia — it was disgusting!]. It’s displayed in mounds that look almost fake, the top artfully swooped and shiny, often with some sort of garnish sprinkled over and a card stuck in the front with the name and a cutesy drawing depicting the flavor. The cones are extra tall and skinny, the tiny scoop perched precariously like that game of landing a ball on a string into a cup. Lick fast, or it might topple off!


  1. Maybe you have found you calling: Travelling the world reporting on forms and flavors of ice cream. Write a book. Even if you do not become a famous travel writer, you will have fun.

  2. If this is the place across the street from the Hard Rock cafe, yes this place was amazing. i’ve been wanting to go back! i met some wonderful workers there as well but doubt they still work there. they were from Argentina. The gelato/ice cream was great!

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