Portable fiction

We all see the craze spreading, with the hoopla of the Kindle and the iPad ballyhoo — you can read books? newspapers?! magazines?!! In the meantime, I’m stuck in the stone age with an archaic addiction: literature on a smartphone. The concept is simple. Every day, Cellstories posts a new, hand-picked short story [with the… Continue reading Portable fiction

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Upside Down

Koala-cuddling, wine-tasting, kangaroo-boxing, left-side-of-the-road-don’t-die-driving . . . Hill-valley-meandering, pub-food-craving, empty-street-trodding, wool-coat-huddling . . . Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. It’s a town posing as a city – a square of one-story houses and a cluster of high rises hemmed in on all sides by swaths of dirty grass. There’s the River Torrens to the north, a… Continue reading Upside Down